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Тег: gender in Ukraine

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Books and Anthologies
Books and anthologies that give an overview of the gender situation in Ukraine or touch upon particular aspects of gender issues in Ukraine. 
Women’s Activism at War and Revolution
Articles or research papers describing women's activism in Ukraine during the Euromaidan revolution (2013-2014) and Ukrainian women in the military.
Feminist Activism in Ukraine
Articles about the forms and the agenda of women's activism in Ukraine. 
Defining Ukrainian Feminism(s)
Scholarly publications attempting to define and lay out the foundations of feminist movement in Ukraine. 
LGBT Issues and Activism in Ukraine
Annotated bibliography covering the topics of LGBT issues in Ukraine.
Women in Ukrainian Politics
Articles about the participation of women in Ukrainian politics. 
Gender and Labour Market
A collection of papers about gender and the labour market in Ukraine. 
Surrogacy and Sex Work
Literature investigating the issues of surrogacy and sex work. 
Violence against Women
Articles on the topics of gendered violence in Ukraine. 
Family Planning, Abortion and Contraceptives
A collection of literary sources on the topics of family planning, abortion and contraception in Ukraine.