31 жовтня, 2020

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The Economics of Care: How Quarantine and the COVID-19 Pandemic Are Changing Communities, NGO Practices, and Government Policies
By now we can already draw interim conclusions about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine on women and on the world at large. Oksana Potapova spoke with activists working for women's and human rights organizations about key changes in their work and life over the recent months. How has quarantine and the pandemic affected the communities they work with? What impact does quarantine have on them as activists and human rights defenders? What recommendations do they consider important to voice to the government and / or international organizations? In this article you will find all of the above, along with a summary explanation of the "care care", which is the recommended approach for the global society to be moving towards.
The Pandemic, Coronavirus, and Quarantine: Women at Risk
The consequences of COVID-19 for society are yet to be studied. However, we can already predict the impact of the pandemic on the situation of women in Ukraine. Their families and their wellbeing, especially that of single mothers, are at risk.