2 лютого, 2023

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Hanna Hrytsenko
Hanna Hrytsenko

Researcher of gender issues and right-wing radicalism, feminist, translator, editor of “Tovaryshka” website.

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How Women Changed the Ukrainian Army
The Russian military invasion of Ukraine in early 2014 marked the beginning of military reform. Women were an important part of this process, initiating a number of changes 'from below' that had a positive impact on the security sector and gender equality.
Are we all sisters? Ukrainian feminism between the West and Russia
This article is a follow-up to my previous work Russian-Ukrainian War since 2014 and Feminism, in which I addressed the attitude of Ukrainian feminists towards the Russian-Ukrainian war and nationalism. [1] In this text, I am trying to demonstrate the double colonial influence of Western and Russian feminism perspectives on Ukrainian feminist thought development.
Five Years after Euromaidan: Feminist Outcomes from 2014–2019
Big changes consist of small steps. In the five years since Euromaidan, Ukraine has seen many societal transformations, including gender transformations. Feminist initiatives, new laws, and government programs summarize the main achievements of 2014-2019.
Russian-Ukrainian War since 2014 and Feminism
Feminism criticises war as a purely patriarchal phenomenon and the consequence of a masculine struggle for power and territory. In a perfect feminist world, there should be no wars. This text is written during the seventh year of the war that the Russian Federation has been waging against Ukraine. The article outlines and analyses the different attitudes to war among Ukrainian feminists. The position ‘war is men's toys, militarism is bad’ is very simplistic and extremely risky in the case of Ukraine, and this text aims to prove that.