3 серпня, 2020

Collection of English Literature on Gender Issues in Ukraine

The purpose of this collection is to make it easier for academic scholars as well as other interested readers to access knowledge about Ukrainian gender issues in English. Considering that basically all political and social spheres in Ukraine are intertwined with gender issues, I have found it necessary to limit this collection to research that has gender as its primary focus. Publications that address Ukrainians living outside of Ukraine are not included, nor are historical publications, unless they link directly to present-time issues. I have sought to divide the publications into themes, hence covering gender inequality in labour market participation, political power, family relations, gender-based violence, cultural understandings of feminism, femininity and masculinity, LGBT-issues and activism. To grasp the relative level of gender equality in Ukraine, wide-reaching cross-national reports are included. Within each theme, the content of the publications and their most important findings are briefly described. The publications are selected to give a broad picture of current debates and issues in Ukraine, and in many cases the summaries barely scratch the surface of highly complex issues. However, it is my hope that the multiplicity of aspects included in the collection will serve as inspiration for further reading and future research.


Comparative Statistics and Gender Equality Legislation
Femininity Ideals in Ukraine
Masculinity Ideals in Ukraine
Family Roles
Family Planning, Abortion and Contraceptives
Violence against Women
Surrogacy and Sex Work
Gender and Labour Market
Women in Ukrainian Politics
LGBT Issues and Activism in Ukraine
Defining Ukrainian Feminism(s)
Feminist Activism in Ukraine
Women’s Activism at War and Revolution
Books and Anthologies

The material was compiled by Anne Kristiansen

Defining Ukrainian Feminism(s)
Scholarly publications attempting to define and lay out the foundations of feminist movement in Ukraine. 
Women’s Activism at War and Revolution
Articles or research papers describing women's activism in Ukraine during the Euromaidan revolution (2013-2014) and Ukrainian women in the military.
Books and Anthologies
Books and anthologies that give an overview of the gender situation in Ukraine or touch upon particular aspects of gender issues in Ukraine.